Renters Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately accidents occur, even when people are careful. But damage done by residents is usually the financial responsibility of the resident, not the property owner. These accidents, such as bathtubs overflowing, kitchen fires, or damage to the common areas, can create significant financial hardship for apartment residents. That is why liability or property damage Insurance is required in our lease.

To fulfill your lease obligation, all new and renewing residents are required to provide evidence of Renters Insurance, a minimum limit of $100,000. You may choose the insurance company and policy limits that are most appropriate for your situation, providing the minimum coverage level is satisfied. If you arrange your own coverage please make sure the Community name is on the policy (e.g. Park Lane East Apartments) listed as an "additional interest or "additional insurance" Please note theat we do not insurance residents possessions, we strongly recommend you purschase a policy that includes "contents insurance.

For the convenience of residents that do not have a specific insurance agent identified, we have arranged for a convenient, affordable insurance option, just click on the link above. If there are any questions please feel free to call the office.  

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Interested in renting with us, what you will need.

1) Application of $ 55.00 per adult  (money orders or check.)

2) Your two (2)  most recent pay stubs,

3) A copy of your picture ID.

The approval usually takes 3-5 days and will depend on us receiving all the information.